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BENAMOI INC is the partner of choice for Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) offering low-cost outsourcing solutions and 360-degree business services.

Driven by a team of experienced professionals with proven track record of servicing clients in various countries, we are well equipped to lead your organization to success. Our competency lies in tailoring solutions that best fits your organization’s specific requirements.

360 degree Office Solutions for SMEs

What if you could outsource an entire department and get the job done for a fraction of the cost. You can now, with Benamoi

Organizational Restructuring & Cost Management

Benamoi's team of expert Financial Consultants will help you successfully reduce your organization's costs by offering multiple solutions


What area of your business is keeping you up at night? Let’s discuss and solve it




If cost effectiveness is a deciding factor, Benamoi's offshore Accounting & Bookkeeping services is a smart choice. Our range of services include Account Reconciliations, Construction of past Accounting Records etc


Our Support team delivers you high-quality work on-time, sparing you of the hassles and high costs associated with doing the same tasks in-house. This also gives you a lot of time to focus on work that really matters


It is important to identify and manage the risks vendors bring to business operations. Benamoi's Vendor Management solutions prevent your organization from cost wastage, unwarranted challenges and remove unnecessary risks.


The success of any product depends to a large extent on how well the product is placed in the mind of the consumer. A well executed Marketing Communications Campaign can create the desired effects among the target audience and help gain market share.


In an era where your website plays a key role in creating your brand image, we will help you build a strong online presence. We will also set you up for success by helping you leverage from the traffic your site is attracting via its data analytics tools and SEO functionality.

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Cost-Efficient, High Quality, Reliable Work


Benamoi offers solutions that reduce your organization’s current costs by 50% or more and saves you time to focus on core business activities.

Our team of experienced Management Consultants in Canada will work together with your organization to understand your specific requirements and objectives and offer cost optimized solutions by outsourcing the tasks to our Indian office. This enables us to deliver high-quality work within a short period of time at affordable pricing.

Outsourcing is a financially smart move for Small & Medium Enterprises. It allows you to cut costs associated with employee hiring, salaries, workstations substantially as well as get the job done at lower hourly pay.

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More About Our Services

 Accounting & Book Keeping
 Construction of Past Accounting Records
 Monitoring of Accountants & Report Generation

 Data Entry
 Preparation of Corporate Reports

 Selecting the right Vendor(s)
 Managing Vendor Contracts & Relationships
 Establishing Vendor Management Organizations

 Social Media Marketing
 Google Adwords Marketing
 Content Research & Development
 Copywriting Promotional Blogs, Press Releases & News Articles

 Website Design
 Data Analytics Tools, SEO Functionalities, Web Trackers
 Web Hosting

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