Service One


A robust Reconciliation process improves the accuracy of the financial reporting functions and allows the Finance department to publish financial reports with confidence.

Our managers based in Canada will work together with you to understand your requirements, study the case on site and draft a procedure of approach following which we collect all required information. We outsource the work to our team in India, enabling you to get the job done at low-cost.

The various Reconciliations work we handle include Inventory, Payables and Receivables, Salary, Expenses and any Ledger Reconciliation. We also perform reconciliations for all Balance Sheet accounts on a regular and ongoing basis.

Service Two


Do you need to prepare your past year’s financial documents but has few transaction records? Then we can make it possible.

Benamoi will provide you a Chartered Accountant or a CGA of your choice, who will help you build the book from external documents and finalize the Balance Sheet. We will work closely with you till the audit is successfully completed.

Service Three


As organizations grow in size and number, numerous accounting related issues come to the forefront among others. Benamoi’s team of experienced Management Consultants conducts Management Audits, develops Systems & Procedures, analyzes pain area and provides affordable solutions. Controls are suggested as well as methods for Data Collection, augment sound decision making.

Our team conducts a general health checkup of the Balance Sheet. We check the benchmarks, policies and procedures that have been implemented and evaluate its effectiveness by analyzing staff adherence to set procedures while performing their delegated duties.

Service Four


Benamoi’s consulting services extends to different areas within the organization. We analyze entire organization’s workings which detect flaws and frauds well in advance i.e. before it is being committed or it grows in size. A management audit is more of analytical work which requires an extensive amount of knowledge coupled with experience to perform the audit accurately.

Our management consultants also study areas that are normally overlooked by auditors. For example, we study the opportunities lost in a company and identify the reason for the loss. Similarly, we help to maximize the workforce potential to optimize productivity and simultaneously, reduce the cost incurred.

Service Five


We provide experienced and highly qualified members for your team who’ll join work, at your office timings, from a different location. Offshoring allows you to have competent employees work for you at low cost. We also hire staff if your business calls for additional support.